Interview with Charlotte Kemp Muhl and Jack James


The glamorous Charlotte Kemp Muhl and Jack James from UNI are here to spice up your Sunday! Our own Eva Earner had a chance to chat with them over Zoom and discuss their ‘Predator’s Ball’ music video. What’s more, they revealed how their videos would look if there wasn’t so much censorship and you’ll also learn more about the message behind our Best Art Director nominee.

‘Predator’s Ball’ music video has made it to our official selection this year and in case you’ve been following us for a while, you probably remember it being presented here and on our socials as the Music Video of the Week as well.

Interview with Charlotte Kemp Muhl and Jack James via Youtube


American trio Uni has been shaking up the music scene with their alt-rock glam since 2017. They are also known as: Kemp – the brain, Jack James – the heart and David Strange – the balls of the band! On their Youtube channel, you’ll find the latest captivating music videos such as ‘Donna Marijuana’, ‘Hold My Gun’, or ‘DNA’.

Charlotte Kemp Muhl

The world got to know Charlotte first as a model when she was just 13 years old. In fact, this charming woman not only sings and writes but she can also rock the stage with the guitar, bass, keyboard, and accordion. Charlotte is fully engaged in the whole creative process of Uni’s music videos, as she directs all of them. Plus, her work on art direction on ‘Predator’s Ball’ rightfully earned her and the band a nomination in our 9th edition. Kemp Muhl is most certainly one pretty busy artist! Besides Uni, she also is a part of The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, together with her partner Sean Lennon.


We’ve got many more interviews in store, so stay tuned for next week!