Yesterday, we proposed a little Czech rap battle for our segment Music Video Of The Week, both videos produced by the company CLOSER. Your choice went to ‘Poslední Přání’ from independent rapper Viktor Sheen!

Director Petr Simon from Stink Prague created a trippy music video through hallucinogenic visuals that certainly strike the eye. Katarína Gramatová edited the whole piece and she also collaborated on the VFX with Jozef Kolocsics. This hypnotic video, with its neon lights and mind-twisting camera movements from DoP Filip Marek was produced by Matouš Marcinko & Adam Rygl. Well done to the whole video crew!

Thatcher Peterson (A52 Color) and Daniel de Vue took care of the beautiful colors, Marek Volf is the stylist, and MUA Sara Skrionya Ronin. In the art department, we have Bartoloměj Veselý & Martin Kulhánek. Check out the video right here!

Viktor Sheen – Poslední Přání via Youtube

Petr Simon

Petr is a young Czech director who entered the filmmaking scene as a self-taught creator. He started with photography in the Czech underground scene and gradually worked his way to music videos and commercials as well. As far as music videos are concerned, Petr has worked mostly with rappers, such as Nik Tendo, Yzomandias, Viktor Sheen, Sam Wise. His commercial projects include brands like About You, FTSHP or AXE. With a more documentary feeling, you’ll find works such as Hotel Kyjev or Rytmus – ICON by FTSHP. Petr Simon is currently represented by the Stink production company.


Closer is a production company based in Prague, Czech Republic with focus on music videos and commercials. They are behind Viktor Sheen’s music videos Poslední Přání, Kruh (featuring Duch) and Yzomandias’ Rodinnej Typ. ‘Poslední Přání’ and ‘Rodinnej Typ’ both made it into our Silver Screening selection this year! Regarding commercial projects, Closer is behind works such as About You, České Dráhy, ESET, or Česká Spořitelna. It’s worth checking out a more experimental clip Euphoria by NobodyListen as well – directed by none other than Petr Simon!


Music Video of the Week is a segment where we highlight great music videos we have received as submissions. In case you haven’t caught up with our schedule yet – on Thursdays, you get to vote, on Fridays, we reveal the winner. Stay tuned for our next week’s Instagram stories and help your favourite video win!

Authors: Mélissa Fondeur & Petra Molnárová