Carla Schmitt – Red Ambition | MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK

Can inspiration survive pure chaos?

Our Music Video of the Week is “Red Ambition” by Carla Schmitt! The piece is produced by Insouciant Films and directed by ORTHODOX

The video caught our attention with its movement, colors and the striking energy. Here is what the team said about the piece:

“This project aims to depict the overflow of inspiration an artist can feel, and how their mind and spirit are affected as a result. In the aftermath of the pandemic, these young souls want to prove that their artistic expression has no limits, eradicating the fear of taking risks and innovating. But what really goes on in the mind of a young artist? 

Our minds can deteriorate when our environment imposes restrictions, leading to a drop in self-esteem and constant questioning. But who is responsible for this state of deterioration?”


Directed by ORTHODOX
Co-written by ORTHODOX
Executive producer : Paul-Lou Lemieux
Production assistants : Tom Bellot & Pablo Morris
Assistant director : Noé Dumont
Production manager : Mete Gültiken
1st Ass Cam : Aurélien Desjardins
Gaffer: Tom Martinelli
Electricians: Kilian Langouet & Nicolas Natysniak
Key Grip: Jules Godard
Jewellery: Cabana Grip
Choreographer: Carla Schmitt
Assistant choreographer: Lorianne Cateloy Rose
Stylist: Yasmin Regisford
Arranged by : De la Loma
Make-up artist: Malvina Mzayek
Hairdresser: Nicolas Etien
Editor : Oscar Gentin
Colourist: Mete Gültiken
Sound design: Thomas Cariven
BTS video: Antoine Keene
Location: Château de Mont Remy
Cast: Gauthier Asensi, Ludovic Garni, Margaux Balmier, Lorianne Cateloy Rose, Alexandre Marchal, Camille Mariethoz, Carla Schmitt

Released on EXHALE

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