The Berlin Music Video Awards offers everyone a platform, from those who direct, produce, edit or perform to those who are simply truly interested in film as a field of science.

Anyone can participate.
Budget, label and names are not a determining factor.

Best Narrative

A music video with an emphasis on the originality of storyline; rewarding the scriptwriter of the video.


Best Animation

An animated music video in any of the following formats: Stop-motion, 2-D, 3-D, computer animated; rewarding the animator of the video.


Best Song

A music video with an outstanding song/ track; rewarding the artist/ band.


Best Low Budget

A music video produced with a budget lower than 3000 Euros (actual or estimated by our team to be made with lower than 3000). We will reward the resourceful director who creates the best video on a low budget.


Best Cinematography

A music video with a focus on cinematography, creativity and attention to camera angles, composition, light as well as the movement of the camera; rewarding the cinematographer or director of photography of the video.


Best Art Director

A music video with attention to the makeup, styling, costumes, the scenes and appearance of objects in the composition; rewarding the art director or designer of the video.


Most Trashy

A music video that may be deemed too extreme or unacceptable for commercial/ mainstream media – e.g. dirty or funny in content, provocative, satirical, social commentary; nevertheless remaining true to its concept, production & direction. Rewarding the director of the video.


Best Visual Effects

A music video that involves the integration of live-action footage and CGI to create environments that look realistic but would be dangerous, costly & impossible to capture on camera. Rewarding the visual effects artist of the video.


Best Editor

A music video with high standards of editing in terms of audio/visual coherence. Rewarding the editor of the video.


Best Director

A music video with remarkable creative contribution of the director. Rewarding the director of the video.


Best Concept

A music video with an emphasis on a strong or original concept; with remarkable execution and interpretation of a song. Rewarding the author of the concept.


Most Bizarre

A music video that is, as its name suggests, bizarre, mysterious, unconventional or something that cannot be boxed in with regard to its concept or its execution. Rewarding the director of the video.


Best Experimental

A music video that may be characterised by an avant-garde approach, using abstract elements or unconventional techniques; rewarding the author of the concept. 


Best Production Company

A production company that is active in the Music Video scene and was highly regarded by our jury.


Best Performer

The category rewards the main actor, dancer, singer or any other kind of performer in the music video. Our jury will pay attention to the  powerful and unforgettable acts.


Best Music Video

The participating videos of this category are the winners of all the other categories (14 videos), as well 2 more videos that will get the golden pass by our jury (who applied to this category). 

This category is considered to be the finals. However, you can also apply directly (the category has a normal application fee).


Final award-winning prize for 2024:  5000 Euros cash


* We do suggest to mark at least 3 different categories at the same time. It is not recommended to apply only to the Best Music Video category.