What is the Music Video of the Week?

The Music Video of the Week is a special category, where we pick a winner every week to be featured on our blog, social media channels, internal newsletter and with our media partners.

Our aim at the Berlin Music Video Awards has always been driven by our passion for amazing creations, and we value independent and underground artists for their immense passion and their fearless outburst of creativity showcased time after time in their work.

That’s why we always try to push their art out to the world to see, and focus on providing exposure to let them shine.

With the The Music Video of the Week we wanted to continue on this promise, and give even more artist a chance to be featured to our readers and the ones of our media partners.

If you want a chance to be featured in this category as well, don’t hesitate, and submit your video to the Music Video of The Week category today!

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