Elsa y Elmar – Entre Las Piernas | MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK

Psychedelic period trip 🩸

Our Music Video of the Week is “Sangre entre las piernas” by Elsa y Elmar. The animated piece is directed by @skull.artwork

The video follows a woman getting ready for a date. As the narrative unfolds, it quickly transforms into a vibrant, psychedelic voyage that delves into the often unspoken hardships of menstruation. This transition is not just a shift in visuals but also a deep dive into the emotional and physical challenges that accompany this natural process.

The French illustrator/street artist/director/animator Frederick Venet steered the wheel behind the video. Venet’s unique style breathes life into the animation, making use of dashing colors and buttery smooth movements to create a feast for the eyes. His ability to blend symbolism with dynamic visuals adds layers of meaning to the story being told.


Artist: @elsayelmar
Director:  @skull.artwork 
Executive producer:@natiasop
Storyboard: Frederick Venet
Character design: Frederick Venet,
Background design: Frederick Venet
Layout posing: jeremy Lelorrain, Guillaume Yvon
Animation: Eyco, Krishna Kothari, Pari Tawale , Emalie Tison, Matteo Yermia, Louai Ben Adda, Sali Samadbegishvili, Jan Henrik Hansen, Pola Lucas, Dani Bassi and Rodrigo Yao, Thomas Delord, Fanny Deplus, Julie Turpin
FX animation: Guillaume Degroote, Avto Gvaramia
Cleanup and Colour: Sali Samadbegishvili, Kaiden Pigem, Marshall Iglesias, Ripsime Voskaniani, Aadil Sayyed
Compositing: Frederick Venet

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