L’Impératrice — Danza Marilù (feat. Fabiana Martone) | MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK

Irresistible groove!

Time for Music Video of the Week! Our spotlight goes to “Danza Marilù” by L’Impératrice (ft. Fabiana Martone). Produced by @microqlima and @remembers, directed by @arthursevestre

Each frame of  “Danza Marilù” is meticulously crafted to highlight the rhythmic pulse of the song, with characters executing fluid, synchronized movements that mirror the track’s infectious groove.

In summary, the music video for L’Impératrice’s “Danza Marilù” featuring Fabiana Martone is a masterful blend of stylish visuals, elegant choreography, and a touch of playful absurdity. It’s a feast for the senses that captures the essence of the song while offering a uniquely captivating viewing experience.

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DANZA MARILÙ by @l.imperatrice
Directed by Arthur Sevestre @arthursevestre
With the artistic collaboration /
For the animation – Gabrielle Selnet @galadriax/
For colours- Laura Passalacqua @laura_pssl/

Animation team
– Vincent Albert @vincent.anhson/
– Armand Goxe @zorgzangdar/
– Gabrielle Selnet @galadriax/
– Arthur Sevestre @arthursevestre/
– May Taraud @maytaraud/

Backgrounds by
– Arthur Sevestre @arthursevestre/

Colours team
– Laura Passalacqua @laura_pssl/
– Alessandra Rosmarino @rosmaless/

@microqlima @remembers

Produced by
– Morgane Lagneau for Microqlima @morgyguett
– Joséphine Mancini for Remembers @josephinemncn/

With the support of Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée

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