Music Video of the Week: Lulu Van Trapp - Brazil

It’s Friday and that means only one thing – Music Video of the Week! People of Instagram have spoken and this time, France is taking over the MVOTW segment with *drumroll* Lulu Van Trapp – Brazil!

Bloody great work by director Lucie Bourdeu, who submitted this music video to us! ‘Brazil’ will take you on a black & white adventure that starts with a simple nosebleed… and then it gets wild. The team involved in the making of this music video: DoP – Kevin Avedissian, VFX by Nicolas Topor. Production company: Grizzly, label: Backdoor Records.

Check it out, it will be hard to resist bobbing your head to the rhythm! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Lulu Van Trapp – Brazil via Youtube

Lulu Van Trapp

Coming from France, this band is ready to rock your screens with their unique sound! This four-piece serves a pleasant mix of rock’n’roll, pop, r&b and a bit of jazz, all put into songs about love that will sweep you off your feet. Check out their stuff, it’s the energy you didn’t know you needed!

Tune in next week for another portion of this segment, where we highlight the incredible music videos sent to us before we know what videos make it into the official selection. Less than a month left to the regular deadline, so send your work to the Berlin Music Video Awards while there’s still time! SUBMIT HERE