Joeri Chipsvingers Music Video of the Week

Fri-yay, Music Video of the Week is here! So, without further ado, give it up for Joeri Chipsvingers – Het Joeri Chipsvingers Superrrrthema!

This video is something else. It’s dramatic, colourful, with perfect editing to the beat and oh, the chips! Chips everywhere. Rik Chaubet directed and edited this fierce audiovisual piece. Thomas Verijke is the director of photography and our new favourite ginger did the musical part. Check out the great work the whole team did!

Het Joeri Chipsvingers Superrrrthema via Youtube

Who would join this orange-haired dude for some snow angels in chips?

Joeri Chipsvingers

You might be asking yourself, where the hell did this guy come from? From Belgium. Or an alternate fun universe where chips rule the world. Joeri is just simply fearless. His creations are full of crazy tunes accompanied by even crazier video clips, covered in all the colors you can think of. Check out his chips adventures on Youtube, we guarantee you’ll have a laugh!

This is a segment where we let people vote on our social media for the Music Video of the Week. It is a way to highlight music videos submitted to us before we announce the official BMVA 2021 selection. There is still time to SUBMIT your work, go for it!