Live shows:

Every year, the BMVA invites musicians, DJs, dancers and other talents to perform during the 4 days of the event. There are 2 main ways to apply as a performer:

  • Submit your music video officially to the awards (we prioritize nominees).
  • Apply via Gigmit.



Nominees, partners and innovators in the field of music and film are invited to give workshops each year. Do you have a topic you want to present at our event? Let us know about it.

Workshops at our event can be held indoors, outdoors or on stage.


Open air:

The Berlin Music Video Awards is one big celebration. While the ceremonies run inside the venue, the DJs spin in the outdoor area. Each year, we welcome the summer properly and provide the best environment to network and party at the same time.



In the BMVA each category has its own separate ceremony, we display all the videos in their full length and then call the winners to the stage and hand them the TV tower (our trophy). This year we have 13 regular categories + 2 special categories (Best Production Company and Best Song Cover). The winners of the 13 regular categories will run for the final award and the overall best video will win 3000 Euros.


The Glittering Carpet:

The Glittering Carpet is our version of the red carpet that you see in other less original events. This is where the press and the winners meet for an interview. Each year we pick a cool vehicle to bring our special guests to the venue, can you guess which one it will be this year?


The fashion show:

At the Berlin Music Video Awards we believe that fashion is an integral part of the Music Video world, this is why we invite talented designers to participate and showcase their alternative designs at the main event, right in front of all the winning directors on the glittering carpet. This is a great opportunity to connect designers, production companies, directors, models and musicians and bring the next fashionable music video or performance to life.

The fashion concept was first introduced at the Berlin Music Video Awards in 2016. Since then, numerous brands were featured in our festival and showcased their creative pieces. Watch the video below to see the incredible runway show from 2019!

Fashion show 2016 – UY Fashion, Jylle Navarro, Maartje Dijkstra, ZL by zlism, Vita Dantura, Luciano Parisi (Thesign), Antonella Mirco, Dusan Pejcic

Fashion show 2017 – Benu Berlin, Vita Datura, Cyberesque Tata Christiane, Lisa Anker-Rasch Strom, Therapy + Recycle & Exorcise

Fashion show 2018 – Draculaclothing, Katrin Gajndr, Thomas ChuLouis, Fleischauer Creations, Therapy + Recycle & Exorcise

Fashion show 2019 – L.O.M, Esta Diva, Lena Quist, NAKT, Maria Fernandez, Maison Lecken

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