Music Video of the Week: Parlor Walls - Game

We are keeping up with this week’s bizarre theme for the Music Video of the Week! So, here is the amazing music video people chose on our social media: Parlor Walls – Game!

This horror-like piece was directed by Alyse Lamb, who is also starring in the video together with Andrya Ambro. Shot by Emma McDonald and edited by Chris Mulligan. ‘Game’ is giving us scary but beautiful visuals representing the dangers of society’s beauty standards. Parlor Walls’ Game is definitely worth the watch!

The production company behind this music video is Famous Swords.

Parlor Walls – Game via Youtube

Parlor Walls

Alyse Lamb and Chris Mulligan are the names behind Brookly-based duo Parlor Walls. Everything they do is done with passion and their art speaks for itself. Alyse is the one with the eerie vocals and directing is her thing as well! On drums, we have Chris, who also edits their music videos. ‘Game’ came out almost a year ago but you can certainly check out their latest ‘Violets’ as well! Go and give it the love it deserves.

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