Music Video of the Week: Zach Zoya - Slurpee

New year, new music videos! After last week’s break, we’re back with the Music Video of the Week segment! So, let’s celebrate the first day od 2021 with: Zach Zoya – Slurpee! 

Today, we’re presenting you this amazing music video that people chose on our social media. Hats off to Le Ged, the director of this one. ‘Slurpee’ may not cure a hangover, but it will make your day for sure! You will most certainly enjoy the crazy visuals and all the butt shaking. We appreciate the wittiness sneaked into this music video!

‘Zach Zoya – Slurpee’ was produced by Disques 7ieme Ciel. OUTPOST is behind the awesome VFX and credit for editing goes to Lisa Bartoux. On art direction, we have Catherine K. Pelletier. Production company: CONSULAT X CUZ. 

Zach Zoya – Slurpee via Vimeo


Le GED is a Canadian director, based in Montreal. When you check out his portfolio, you’ll come across mostly music videos. Besides Zach Zoya’s ‘Slurpee’, Le GED also directed his music videos ‘In Da Way’ and ‘Patience’. KNLO’s ‘Plafond’ or Koriass’ ‘Ennemis’ are some of his works as well. With Le GED’s work, you might notice a pattern… the guy does some funny content!

Remember, MVOTW segment is separated from the official nominations – whether your video will or won’t become MVOTW, it can still get nominated later! We’re getting closer to the official nominations announcement, so send us your videos right HERE, while there’s still time!