Wanna see the rush hour from moon to earth?

We all know that moment of stepping into a crowded train, looking outside the window as the views pass by and observing the beings in the space. Rich Hall directed the music video for “Elephant Kind – Love As” which is giving us a sci-fi perspective on that vibe!

The video manages to be bizarre in its unique shapes and colors while remaining relatable elements for us earthers. The small gestures of fighting for that one armrest between two seats, highlights of different societal classes, a bit of romance and so much more!

The SFX team did the most amazing job bringing the story alive on their part. We are in awe by the work of the prosthetics artist Georgia Olive @giscreatures; The details in her work are delicious! 

The production value from Riff Raff Films is brilliant. What a vision! The video has a lot to explore, please do take a full look at it.


Production Company : RiffRaff Films
Director : Rich Hall
Owner : Matthew Fone
Executive Producer : Laura Clayton
Producer : Luke Tierney
Production Manager : Suzan Mustafa
Directors REP : HANDS
1st AD : Alasdair Copland
DOP : Ben Todd
1st AC : Barney Batchelor
2nd AC : Will Crafts
Steadicam : Jake Whitehouse
Camera Trainee : Jack Ainsworth
Gaffer : Adam Bell
Electrician : Paul Rowe
Electrician : Michael Smit
Electrician : Alex Gibbons Desk
OP : Andy Walton
DIT : Jonathan Boyd
Make-up and SFX Designer : Georgia Olive
Hair and Make-up : Dom Hamilton
Lead SFX Assistant : Carly Roberts
SFX Assistant : Brodie Mayhew
SFX Assistant : Chelsea Myler
SFX Assistant : Sabika Asif
Production Designer : Oian Arteta
ART Dept Assistant : Joshua Evans Hooper
Graphic Design : Ettel Adary
Graphic Design : Shivani Panchal
Costume Designer : Celia Arias
Costume Assistant : Florent
Venet Runner : Marco Petulla
Runner : Archie Holm Slack
Runner : Maddy Smith
Runner : Sidney Kwok
Runner : Harrison Peterkin
Work Experience : Marlon Blakeley
Edit House : STITCH
Editor : Ben Corfield
VFX and Colour : The Mill
VFX EP : Chris Allen
VFX Supervisor : Lora Nikolaeva
VFX Producer : Will Howard
VFX PA : Sophie McDonald
Colourist : Peter Oppersdorff
Colour Producer : Dan Hills
Sound Design : Sine Audio
Sound Designer : Phil Bolland
Sound Producer : Julian Marshall
Casting Director : Leanne Flinn
Alien 1 : Alistair Rowley
Alien 2 : Matthew Michaelson
Alien 3 : Tara-marie Tighe
Alien 4 : Caoimhe Judd
Alien 5 : Steven Powell
Alien 6 : Helen Foster
Alien 7 : Mark Earby
Business People : Matthew Hendrickson
Business People : Ecow Smith-Asante
Business People : Janine Pardo
Business People : Nance Turner
Ticket Officer : Geraint Rhys
Workers : Sarah Wiggins
Workers : Andrew Gichigi
Workers : Craig Peters
Workers : Micah Hennessy
BTS : James Lawrence

Written & Produced by Bayu Adisapoetra, Kevin Septanto, Bam Mastro
Performed by Elephant Kind
Additional Guitar by Yosaviano Santoso
Additional Production, Mixing and Programming by Sam Petts-Davies
Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling
Sound Released by MOLA Records

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