Feeling frustrated? 😤

This week’s Tuesday Tune selection offers a handy solution for a frustration-outlet: “Bi Postal” by Megafauna. Instructions are easy: Turn the volume up and go wherever the beats take you. We gave it a try and the results were solid!

Megafauna comes from Austin, Texas and their music is described as “math rock to an ethereal wash of psychedelia to grungy, garage riffage in an instance.” In the track “Bi Postal” we hear fierce vocals and empowering lyrics from the lead Dani Neff. The guitar riffs and melodies are totally nuts.

The accompanied music video directed by Ed Dougherty is taking us on a fun time travel journey to the 90s. The editing is pretty epic and DOP Taylor Washington kept a lovely touch of realism on the clips. Perhaps the video is also referencing the paternal leave the lead was on? ✨

Will the video get nominated? Stay tuned and find out! 


Artists/Band: @megafaunamusic
Produced by Charles Godfrey
Director: Ed Dougherty @eddied4me
DOP: Taylor Washington @taylorewashington 
Gaffer: Gavin Cantrell
Producer: Anthony Erickson 
On-Site Producer: Jayme Starrak 
Wardrobe Stylist:  McKenzie Griffin 
Makeup Artist: Heather Barnett 
Makeup Artist:  Gabby Fisher 
Hairstylist: Codie Lepors 
Hairstylist: Gabriel Stevick 
Choreographer: Stephanie Chavez and Dani Neff
Editing: Ed Dougherty
​​VFX: Jason Miller @rockwiler
Colorist:  Marshall Copous @mcopous

Artist / Dancer / Lead:  Dani Neff 
Artist / Band Member:  Will Krause 
Artist / Band Member: Winston Barrett @winston.barrett
Artist / Band Member: Zack Humphrey 
Dancer:  Hailley Lauren 
Dancer: Amy Myers 
Dancer: Taryn Lvery

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