Beck Junghyun feat. Astan KA – Love | MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK

Take a moment to ground yourself to the present

Surrender to art and begin a magical energy exchange with “LOVE” by Beck Junghyun and Astan KA, directed by Arabella Bartsch.

We are in awe of the video: The visuals are deeply raw and human. Together with the track they create a space and experience that has the power to raise a deep, vibrational presence to the recipient. 

Visually it seems as if two humans joining their forces to create something pure and divine. Hints on afrofuturism come with the clothing and scenes with “The Futuro”, futuristic house design by architect Matti Suuronen.

Director Arabella Bartsch has an exceptional grip on her work with a strong humane aspect with short and long format productions. She works with big vibes and a lot of passion. Check out her other work: @frauhack

The whole team did a great job, thank you.


Performers: @exoceexiste , @tisskeen & Baby K
Music by Beck Junghyun & vocals by Astan Ka
Director: @frauhack
Editor: Bene Strick and @raquelcaronunez
Motion Designer: @michael__rizzi (Special Thanks to BTF)
Colorist: @mai_lasan
Production: @dazedape

Dop: @__schneider___
Gaffer: @timmi_kwaku_davis
1.AC: @vinylvices
Steadicam: @schwind.malte
Costume: @wiebkechristinlebus
Hair Astan: Jeanne Touré
Bubbles: Peter Pan
Special Thanks to @studioelevenforty

Dop: Jonas Schneider
1.AC: @phillipnils
Artistic direction: Astan Ka
Styling: Astan KA
Costume : Souleymane Mare inspired by the work of Jah Gal Doulsy
Hair : Fily Mihan
Make-Up : Nane Khale
Special Thanks to Cora Geißler

Dop: @reuben_g_bocobza
Assistant: Alexi Bouygues
Styling: Astan KA
Hair Astan : Kapela Magali
Special Thanks to Edith Lory / Marché Dauphine
Dop: @tobi.koppe
Special Thanks to Nico Wegewitz & Cinegate GmbH Title Design: Title design @knoops

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