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Do you still think a large budget is required to film a music video? Sam Stubbings and music video “Drive” can prove differently.

This video is a great example of a low budget that turned into a masterpiece. The editor’s creative decisions, coordinated with the great angles of the cinematographer, brought fantastic results, especially when footage is dancing to the beat so nicely. 

By experimenting with styles of the nineties and sci-fi documentaries, using the latest trends in music video filming techniques, the creative team was able to find the most incredible way to capture the mood and character of the original single. One more remarkable reference is hidden in the singer’s acting: there are clear parallels with the newly popular image of Wednesday from the Addams family.

Ultimately, the video becomes a cheap shot of adrenaline for anyone who dares to plunge into this crazy world of a drive fan.

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Director, producer, editor: Ben Brook
Label owner & manager: Sam Stubbings
Director of photography: Jamie Harding
Colourist: Hannah Squires

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