Käärijä – It’s Crazy It’s Party | MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK

DANGER: Do not open – may trigger a crazy party

The Käärijä -train is a party one should not overlook. We love a good creative celebration and that is why the Music Video of the Week is “It’s Crazy It’s Party” by the authentic Käärijä, featuring iconic Tommy Cash.

Award-winning Finnish film director Kaverikarim (aka Karim Saheb) has delivered brilliance with a clever twist! Managing post-production as well, he has created a visually stunning experience to match the artists vision. Kudos to DOP Petteri Lappalainen for brilliant cinematography.

The video kicks off with a glowing, human-sized box carefully placed in a secure location. But this is no ordinary box; it contains a party. Anonymous characters (dripping with swag) have come to unleash it.

The iconic Tommy Cash has joined to feature the piece with dark vibes. His peaceful Saturday evening is disturbed with the approaching taste of genuine joy – the two strong characters come head to head. 

Do they clash or join their forces?

To find out: Check the full video in all its glory.
It’s a magnificent piece starting from the artist’s creative vision to the production teams perfected craft.


Artist: Käärijä @paidatonriehuja ft. Tommy Cash @tommycashworld
Written and directed by @kaverikarim (www.kaverikarim.com)
Producer: Jani Nikander @jani_nikander
DOP: Petteri Lappalainen @petterilappalainen
Creatives: Jaakko Jokela @jaakkojaakko , Aleksi Nurmi @alluprkl , Käärijä @paidatonriehuja , Tommy Cash @tommycashworld
Production Services: Bongobongo @bongobongoboys
Equipment rental: Angel Films @angelfilms.fi


Muah: Noora Varrio @varjonoora
Stylist: Charlotte Buchal
Key Grip: Olli Kukkonen @dolliolly
Gaffer: Aki Karppinen @aki.karppinen
1st Camera Assistant: Riku Virta @rvirta
Lighting Technician: Santeri Siirtonen @siirtone , Pyry Aitamurto @pyryaitamurto , Eemi Lehto @eemilehto , Rikhard Vellamo @vellamodidit
Special Lighting Technician: Vesa Nuoraho @callmevesa , Dunken Matthews
Lighting Console Programmer: Timo Haapasaari @timohaapasaari
Production manager: Thomas Vikfors @thomasvikfors
Set Design: Jani Nikander & Thomas Vikfors
Precision Driver: Rikhard Vellamo
CGI designer / VFX artist: Timo Muraja @timomuraja
Edit & Grade: kaverikarim

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