Vintage Culture, Fideles – Fallen Leaf | MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK

Artist: Vintage Culture @vintageculture and @fideles_music @be_no_rain
Director: ​​​​​​Gabriel Novis ​ @gabriel.novis
Production: MYMAMA @mymama___

Are you human?

This is a question highlighted in “Fallen Leaf” from Vintage Culture and Fideles, featuring Be No Rain, which is our Music Video of the Week.

The narrative in “Fallen Leaf” unfolds through the main character that can be seen in different settings – sterile spaces with natural elements, rushing cityscapes and hypnotizing flashes from what seems to be the past. Monolith forms appear in different substances, leaving observers in awe of their mysterious presence. Like a dance, the video is balancing between light, dark and the colors in between.

The music video is directed by Gabriel Novis. Take a peek into his world by checking the following instagram for BTS content from this project and much more: @gabriel.novis

Dan Abraham is the person behind the hypnotic montage that is bound to shake you up to the core. For more editorial works, use this link: @danabraham_filmeditor

As we live in a world of constant technological evolution and stimulus coming from every direction – it’s easy to lose track of ourselves and forget where we came from. As humans, we have the incredible ability to think about alternative futures and act according to that. 

What does your future look like?


Production House:​ ​​​​MyMama Entertainment
Director: ​​​​​​Gabriel Novis ​
Producers: ​​​​​André Pinho, Mayra Faour Auad e Gabrielle Auad
Vintage Culture’s Team Creative:​​​ Mit Ammar
Executive Production | Director Production Coordinator: João da Terra Executive Production of Project Manager: ​Pati Caldas
Production Coordinator:​​​​ Camila Abade
Project Manager: ​​​​​Silvia Neri
Project Manager Jr.:​​​​ Rafael De Paula Cinematographer: ​​​​​Pepe Mendes​
Art Director: ​​​​​Babi Besouchet
Production Director: ​​​​Latino Melo
First Assistant Director: ​​​​Fernanda Magalhães
Photographer and Creative Director:​​​ Famke Van Hagen
Assistant Director Trainee: Joji Tsujita
Assistant Coordinator:​ Ariane Manécolo
First Assistant Camera:​ Ricardo Correa Couto
Second Assistant Camera:​​​​ Caio Freitas de Oliveira
2° Unit (VHS): ​​​​​Denis Carrion e Carlos Ramon
Logger: Benhur Jonas Barbosa​​​
Video Assist:​​​​​ Felipe Storace
Movie Operator: Leonardo Silva Pereira Pinto​​
Gaffer: ​​​Bruno Homem de Mello Faria​
Best Boy (Electric): ​​​​Alexsandro Soares dos Santos
Electrician 2: Jeferson Ferreira da Silva, João Ferreira Oliveira Neto, Cleber Almeida da Silva and Kaique Roberto dos Santos Andrade
Key Grip: ​Claudio Soares dos Santos
Best Boy (Grip): Aliandro Zoti
Grip 2: ​​Ygor Walter Wendt, Leidson Barreto Gomes and Jonatas Tadeu dos Santos Bispo Set Designer: Pipo Leider
Assistant to Set: ​​João Gabriel Soares Maciel and Augusto Nascimento Gonçalves Stagehand: ​​​​​Daniel Dias Pinho​
Producer: Paulinho Melo Production Assistant: Giovana Pasinato​
Assistant to Set: Reginaldo Diogo de Oliveira and Roberto Bonifazzi​
Casting Producer: ​​Gui Koch and Kadije Akl
Actress: ​​​Lola Mattos Ferreira
Casting: ​​Samuel Firmino de Souza Couto e João Erico Rocha Valença, Nalla Pereira de Arruda Américo e Ana Karoline Costa Menezes
Costume Designer: ​​​​Morgana Ludwig Amaro
Assistant Costume Designer: ​​​John Daniel Tormes de Almeida
Costumer: ​​Marisa Roledo Hiodo
Makeup and Hair: ​​​​​Lucas da Silva Lisboa​​​
Key Makeup and Hair: ​​Larissa Antonelli da Costa
Creative Search: ​​​​​Julia Pellizzer
Screenwriter:​​​​​ Gabriel Novis e Famke Van Hagen
Creative Assistant: ​​​​Yago Sagrado​​​​ Post
Production Supervisor:​​​​ Fezão Barbieri​
Post Production Assistant:​​​​ Raphael Tarso Color: ​​​​​​Zé Maria
Film Editor: ​​​​​Dan Abraham
Finisher:​​​​​​ Diogo Beber
Post production:​​​​​ Eduardo Nascimento, Rolim e Jhony Schmidt
Sound Design & Mix:​​​​ BDS
BDS Executive Producer: ​​​​Ezequiel Sampietro
Sound Designers: ​​​​​Ezequiel Sampietro, Nicolás Svetliza, Benjamín Tassara, Lucas Cachanosky E Javier Chávez

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