Sokół – Miłość zawsze jest | MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK

There is always love

The Polish piece “Miłość zawsze jest” by Sokół transcends through language and time. A grounding yet inspirational experience, blending traditional and contemporary filmmaking methods. It is also our Music Video of the Week.

The following statement was issued by MOON Films:

“There is always love” – the powerful slogan marking the 79th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.

Inspired by the August 1944 wedding of Alicja and Boleslaw Bieg, this poignant film unfolds in a single shot, capturing a day in Warsaw backyard during Warsaw Uprising. As the camera meanders among the residents, we witness a heartwarming wedding scene, while in the distance, enemy planes serve as a haunting reminder about war.

In this emotional moment, love and death merge. The message’s power is intensified by hip-hop track by @wojteksokol 

-Moon Films

Whether or not one is familiar with the historic event depicted in the film, the message is truly timeless. We are able to submerge into the essence of it as the result of the artistry by the people behind the scenes: Director Tadeusz Śliwa; DOP Michal Dabal; Film editor Robert Gryka and the post production crew at RIOdePost, only to mention a few. 

For more information regarding the project, you can begin by taking a look at what has been shared by the client Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego: @warsawrisingmuseum
And ofcourse by surfing through the credit list.


Artist&lyrics: @wojteksokol
Producer: @atutowy
Director: Tadeusz Śliwa @sliwatadeusz
DOP: @michaldabal
1st AD: Konrad Nadrowski
Production house: @the_moonfilms
Executive producer: @kubaranik @the_moonfilms_queen
Producer: @nelaniewiadomska
Production Manager: @monikawzorek @konstancja_landsberg
Production Assistant: @filipwzorek
Director’s agent: Aleksandra Sikora
Cinematographer’s agent: @ bifibaf @papaya_roster
Casting director: @halszka_cast
Costume Designer: Magdalena Rutkiewicz Luterek
Set designer: Dariusz Walaszczyk
Make-up artist: @zawiszewska.mirela
Set manager: Łukasz Wiewiórski @wiewiorskilukasz
Steadicam operator: @steadipants
Focus Puller: Pawel Żelasko
Gaffer: Hubert Stawicki
Casting studio: studiokameralne
Photos: @dziwor
Making of: @michaldolny
Transport: @viplimuzyny
Edit: @grykarobert
Postproduction: @riodepost
Grading: @vein_postproduction @piotrnowicki
DCP: Chimney – Olga Kowalczyk
Negative development: @wfdif.chelmska21
Camera: @ atmsystem @panavisionofficial @filmfiction
Light: @heliograf_technika_filmowa
Stage hands: YellowózProps: @rekwizytornia.praga @rekwizytorniaepoka @rekwizytornia

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