This week on Music Video of the Week we want to highlight a fashion music video by director Maria Pronin. She has education in journalism, creative (video) production and directing. Not to forget her background in ballet which has strongly influenced her artistic vision.

Let’s take a closer look at one of her recent projects “SVOYA – HOUSE OF PLEASURES” This is what they had to say about it: 

“This narrative explores men’s fantasies and the roles of women forced to fulfill them. All the featured fantasies are often anything but simple. Some seek praise, others crave dominance, some project issues linked to mother-son relationships, and some even reduce women to mere objects. Our goal was to illuminate this sexualized and objectifying world, set within the unconventional backdrop of a brothel. Here, every male fantasy can be instantly gratified with the push of a button, as long as there’s money to spare. It’s a disorienting space, one you yearn to escape, much like the desire to break free from the constraints of societal roles and the preconceived notions about women that many of us struggle with every day.”

The video is captivating us with its complex nature and we will let it speak for itself. Pronin clearly has an eye for aesthetics and fine art –  Check out the full video and other works of Maria Pronin from her instagram: @barkobulka . Last but not least, let’s appreciate the work from the Art Director Archi Manouche and the brilliant DOP/Colorist/Edit/Music Yaroslav Dementev! 

“The only thing I cannot resist is temptation.” 

― Oscar Wilde


Director/ Idea/ Script – Maria Pronin @barkobulka
Director of Photography / Colorist / Edit/ Music – Yaroslav Dementev @deyaros
Art Director – Archi Manouche @arhi_manouche

Producer – Nikita Prokofyev @doprokofyev
Assistant Producer – Kato Litvinyuk @3_outsiders_spells, Anastasiia Kiseleva @kiselevva

Florist – Daria Sidorova @dasha.seed
MUA – Aizhan Kulchukova @yes.aiji
Production Assistant – Olich Aleha @lelkac
Helper – Kseniia Lavrova @_lavrova_ks

1st AC – Ilya Mayak @terracota_warrior
2nd AC / Steadicam Operator – Danya Byakov @danyabyakov
2nd AC / DIT – Maxim Syrykh @slggr
Gaffer – Irakly Vasilkovsky @white_martlet
Lighting Technicians – Egor Podvorniy @egorpodvorniy, Yura Pomomarev @Yura_raa, Mikhail Kononov @mikofilm

Dima Speranskiy @speranskiy
Roman Kyandzhaliev @Kyandzhaliev_ro
Asya Rylova @asyarylova
Leonid Kim @leoleoleoleokim
Aizhan Kulchukova @yes.aiji
Artemii Demidov @Enot_Comandir
Sassha Nachalas @sashanachalas
Irina Belskaia @irinabel_3108
David Gabuniya @davidgabuniya_
Fedor Polyakov @fedor.polyakov_
Nina Zvezdina @ninawww
Magina Xanki @xankiii
Maria Pronin @barkobulka

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