Interview with Pavel Hoodyakov & Zaur Zaseev


Another day, another interview, and today’s guests are the talents behind Timati’s music video ‘Scandal’, our 2021 Best VFX nominee. Let’s give a warm welcome to the producer Pavel Hoodyakov and the director Zaur Zaseev!

Our lovely Eva had a chance to ask them several questions via Zoom. The creators revealed how the collaboration with Timati came to fruition, how they came up with the VFX concept for the ‘Scandal’ music video and what challenges they had to face on set. Pavel and Zaur also gave us more insights about the product placement in the video! Check it out right here:

Interview with Pavel Hoodyakov and Zaur Zaseyev via Dailymotion


There’s no need for us to prove we’re the best – everyone knows that. If you don’t – we’ll give you a chance to find that out!” These are the lines you’ll see as you land on Pavel’s official website. Clicking through his company’s portfolio, you’ll realise that he’s not bluffing. Hoodyakov production was established in 2001 and it has since become a major player in the music video industry, not only in Russia. The Hoodyakov team were the Russian pioneers as far as the post-production color correction in the USA goes.

Based in Moscow, Hoodyakov is behind several incredible projects including music videos, commercials and films. Besides the Best VFX nomination, Hoodyakov is also up for Best Production Company at this year’s BMVAs!

Zaur Zaseev

Zaur is a Russian director represented by Hoodyakov production. His works include mostly music videos and commercials. You can check it out right here!

Stay tuned for next weeks, more interviews to come!