Yesterday, we put up two Turkish music videos against each other on our Instagram stories and now, it’s time to talk more about the people’s choice: Mabel Matiz – Toy!

Things are about to get literally warmer in here. Settled in a breathtaking location in the middle of dunes, Osman Özel directed a transcendental experience. Enter a mesmerizing dance in a video produced by Ufuk Sari and witness the subtle mix of cultural heritage with the modern melody created by DJ Artz. The song was released on Pose Records.

Congrats to the whole video crew! In the role of the cameraman, we have Batın Can, Mert Yemenicioglu took care of the costumes and Emrah Tekin is behind the colour correction. Bilal Yalçın and Hasan Kocabaş operated the drone. In order to see some behind the scenes action brought by Ahmet Akıncı, click here!

Mabel Matiz – Toy via Youtube

Osman Özel

Osman is a Turkish director, filmmaker and fashion photographer, who submitted the ‘Toy’ music video to the BMVAs! As far as directing and filmmaking is concerned, we’ll give you a few recommendations on what to check out. For instance, music video ‘Zor‘ for Lil Zey, Quarantined piece, or for the fashion lovers, Vogue Turkey. Besides his audiovisual projects, his eye-catching photography is certainly worth checking out as well!

Mabel Matiz

Turkish singer Fatih Karaca, who goes by his stage name Mabel Matiz, began his career in 2008 on Myspace. So far, he has released four studio albums, with ‘Maya’ being the latest release. The music video for ‘Toy’ has made it into our Silver Selection this year. His single ‘Kahrettim’ premiered in March this year, so go give it some love!

Music Video of the Week is a segment separated from the official nominations. It is a way to highlight works we believe deserve more attention indeed. Every Thursday, we create a poll on our Instagram stories and let people do their thing. So, stay tuned for next week and make sure to cast your vote – you might help your favourite win!