Yesterday, we put up two truly electrifying music video against each other and people of the Internet have spoken, it’s ANTIBOY with ‘Dream’!

Director Charlotte Rutherford made a posthumous homage to the work of Harry Hains, the ANTIBOY, mixing intimate lyrics with electronic sounds that represent visionary ideals and conflict about the self. Harry Hains’ mother helped his project live on to share his visions that push binary boundaries in order to find freedom.

The futuristic visuals that take you to another surreal dimension were made by Sam Hains and Simon Villaret. Creative director Justin Miller put together stylish outfits that highlight diversity and creativity; well done to the whole video team! The production company behind this piece is Rubbertape, with the help of Jeremy Truong, Owen Lazur, Sohaib Ali. As the DOP, we have Tehillah De Castro and the role of a production designer belongs to Lauren Kim. Ellis Bahl is responsible for the editing, Base Mode for the graphic design, and Kath Raisch from Company 3 for coloring.

Antiboy feat. Andreja Pejic – Dream via Youtube

Harry Hains a.k.a ANTIBOY

Harry was an Australian actor and producer, known by his alter ego ANTIBOY. As far as his acting career is concerned, you might have seen him in Groupies, The Surface, or The American Horror Story. Unfortunately, the talented artist passed away in 2020. His music and art however keep living on thanks to his family. You should go check out ANTIBOY’s posthumous album ‘A Glitch In Paradise‘! In order to see more music videos by Harry, click here.

Sam Hains

It seems that the talent runs in the Hains family and Sam is not an exception! This visual artist is behind various projects, such as Bang Bang, Zero Likes, or his latest work Florist World II. Sam is also responsible for the visual effects of the ‘Dream’ music video!


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Authors: Mélissa Fondeur & Petra Molnárová