Alligatoah – SO RAUS feat. Fred Durst | MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK

The world of Alligatoah is a universe of its own

Music Video of the Week is by the influential German artist Alligatoah “SO RAUS” featuring Fred Durst. The concept of an artist called “Alligatoah” is built from multiple layers and just as you think you got to the core of it, all appears to be an illusion and you’re again at the starting position.

The music video for SO RAUS is part of the expanding universe. Alligatoah seemingly was “gone” and the music video appeared as his “last wish”: To have a song with Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit. Trusty friend Battleboi Basti made sure to bring this wish alive.

Perhaps it is a promo for the new phase of the ever changing Alligatoah while being a humoristic social commentary and using AI as an analog for comparing the past and future and us trying to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends and what not. Maybe it is none of that. There is really no end or beginning. We love it.

Producer and DOP Andreas Eisenach did a fantastic job on his end with the storytelling and the atmosphere created in the dark cellar depicting the hardworking Battleboi is executed beautifully. The team knew what they were doing.

Check the full video:

Artist: @alligatoahinfarbe ft Fred Durst
Leading role: Stefan Schwensow aka Battleboi Basti
Concept, direction & editing: MiM
Production, DoP: Andreas Eisenach
AC: Joko Neumann
Set Design: Maresa Geißler
Construction Stage: SCC Leipzig (Ines Wüllner, Karsten Hochmuth, Sandy Wüllner)
Runner: Eduard Bärsch
Head lighting technician: Karl Neubart
Best Boy: Philip Jagdschian
Lighting technician: Hannes Schulze
Make Up: Anja Daum
Catering: MaCaBer (Matthias Bauer, Carola Walter)
Graphics, AI: Anna Roth
Colour correction: Peter Schulz / Studio Wilmersdorf
VFX: Julian Richberg / Studio Wilmersdorf
Technology: Lichthaus Berlin

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