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This time it’s the BEST VFX category!

Visual effect artists are the magicians of cinema, the next videos will take you to distant mental galaxies. This is just a short teaser, we highly recommend to check the full length videos as well!

The event will take place between the 8th to the 11th of June in Berlin. Get your tickets on our website and meet all the nominees over there!

CREDITS (in order of appearance)

“C’est Cuit” – Major Lazer ft. Aya Nakamura & Swae Lee

Label: Because Music

Production company: Division

Director: Simon Cahn

Production VFX Studio: Monumental FX and Square

“Hearts on Fire” – Illenium and Dabin ft. Lights

Label: Warner Records

Production company: Tuff Contender

Director: Caleb Mallery

VFX: Nic Torres

“I Don’t Really Care” – French Montana

Label: Epic Records

Production company: Blank Square Productions

Director: Edgar Esteves, French Montana

Production VFX Studio: Cameo FX

“Psychedelic Views” – Sad Night Dynamite ft. IDK

Label: Parlophone, Elektra Records

Production company: Agile Studio

Director: Jamie Whitby

VFX: Astro Pirata, Josha Eiffel, David Horsburgh, Sebastian Zaniewski  

“F**k les Cops” – Todiefor ft. Meryl

Label: Red Bull Music Studios Paris

Production company: Beyond Now

Director/VFX: Alex GD

“Everything is Everything” – Sevdaliza

Label: Believe Music

Production company: Bonkers | United

Director: Sharif Abdel Mawla

Production VFX Studio: Juice Studio

“Unica’s Cloud” – DELAURENTIS

Label: Believe France

Production company: LA PAC and Very-Content 

Director: AB/CD/CD

VFX: Firm Studio

“You Right” – Doja Cat, The Weeknd

Label: Kemosabe Records

Production company: La Pac

Director: Quentin Deronzier

Production VFX studio: MPC Film & Episodic

“Touche Moi” – Kalika x Joanna

Label: Cinq7

Production company: Yaka Productions

Director: Rosemary Films & Kalika

VFX: Rosemary Films & Chloe Grienenberger

“Brrr” – Vladimir Cauchemar ft. Laylow, Rim’K & Asdek

Label: Virgin Records

Production company: La Pac

Director: Quentin Deronzier

Don’t hesitate to tag any team member who has worked on the music video as well 🔥

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