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Today, we present our 10 nominees for the BEST EDITOR category!

In a music video more than any other film form, the editor has a crucial role. The footage must dance to the music

Here is a compilation of the ten brilliantly edited music videos!  Make sure to go and watch the full-length ones too!

Come to Berlin and meet all the nominees on the 14th – 17th of June. Secure your tickets:

CREDITS (in order of appearance)

“Disco Maghreb” – Dj Snake
Label: Interscope
Prod. Company: Iconoclast, 2 Horloges, Birth
Director: Elias Bellkeddar
Editor: Nicolas Larrouquère
Editing Studio: Trim Editing

“Technicolour” – Comet Is Coming
Label: Verve Label Group
Producer: Joseph Goldman
Director: Charlie Robins
Editor: Kevin Corry
Editing Studio: The Assembly Rooms 

“Traces Of You” – Nytrix 
Label: Dim Mak
Prod. Company: 10th Dimension Studios
Director: Nytrix
Editor: Nytrix

“Sugar/Tzu” – Black Midi 
Label: Rough Trade
Prod. Company:  Friend
Director: Noel Paul
Editor: Noel Paul & Arthur Le Foll

“Rock N Roll” – Ken Carson
Label: Interscope Records, Opium
Prod. Company: 5 Towns Media House
Director: Olivier Shore
Editor: Olivier Shore

“Ugly” – Nas 
Label: Mass Appeal 
Prod. Company: Awge
Director: Hidji, Matt Carter
Editor: Matt Carter
Editing Studio: Final Cut

“Patoprohibicja” – Mata 
Label: Sbm Label
Prod. Company: Dobro
Director: Maciek Adamczak
Editor: Tomasz Naruszewicz Marian

“Music For A Sushi Restaurant” – Harry Styles
Label: Columbia Records, Syco Music
Prod. Company: Pulse Films
Director: Aube Perrie
Editor: Gwen Ghelid & Aube Perrie

“Drive” – Gretel Hänlyn
Label: Native Mgmt, Vlf Records, Sam Stubbings
Director: Ben Brook
Editor: Ben Brook

“My Exes” – Snake City 
Label: Epidemic Sound
Director: Mandy Celine
Editor: Mandy Celine

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