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Who’s down to discover the nominees in the BEST PERFORMER category?

It celebrates the performer; dancers, lead singers, actors.. the unforgettable ones who are giving the gasoline to the piece. Tell us what you think in the comments after watching the full videos!

Keep your eyes open, more categories to come!

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CREDITS (in order of appearance)

“Crooks” – Farveblind
Production Company: Hobby Film
Director: Snorre Fuslsang Ruhe
Performer: Christoffer Svane

“Dreams” – Belief 
Label: Lex Records
Producer: Sachin Chande
Director: Maxim Kelly 
Performer: Mark Crawley

“Millionero” – Müslüm 
Label: Muve Recordings
Director: Tim Dürig
Performer: Semih Yavsaner 

“Hahahaha (Don’t You Just Know It)” – Cheesecake Syndicate 
Production Company: UA Production, Dima Malichev
Director: Max Ksjonda
Performers: Alex Bazela, Khrystyna Ihnat

“Grapefruit” – Tove Lo 
Label: Pretty Swede Records
Production Company: Imposter
Director: Lisette Donkersloot 
Performer: Tove Lo

“Sustum” – Evdeki Saat 
Label: Klockworks
Production Company: Stink Rising Berlin
Director: Harun Guler
Performer: Eren M. Güvercin  

“The Actor” – Alt-J 
Production Company: Pundersons Gardens
Director: Saskia Dixie
Performers: Lexis Walker, Hannah Mason

“Absent-Mindedly” – Jour Noir
Label: Sens Agency
Production Company: Sens Production 
Director: Jour Noir 
Performer: Aurélien Collewet 

“Knock Knock” – Lance Butters
Label: Virgin Music
Production Company: Moritz Mebesius
Director: Christian Alsan
Performer: Capucine Schattleitner 

“Shaman In Your Arms” – Wax Tailor (Ft. Jennifer Charles)
Label: Lab’oratoire
Production Company: Matiere Premiere
Director: Rémi Sill Binisti
Performers: Fauve Hautot, Julien Derouault

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