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Let’s give a round of applause to the 2023 nominees for the MOST TRASHY category!

This category will make you forget all about social conventions. Be ready for some crazy, risky and daring stuff! These music videos are there to redefine your artistic horizon.

Our compilation is only a sneak peek of the nominees videos, so make sure to watch the full music videos… all your desires could become real.

Small reminder: Our festival will take place from the 14th to the 17th of June, and many of the nominees will be there. We look forward to meeting you all there!

CREDITS (in order of appearance)

“Miss You” – Oliver Tree And Robin Schulz 
Label: Atlantic Records
Production Company: Dojohouse & Alien Boy Films
Director: Oliver Tree

“One Night Stand” – Tero Risti 
Label: Videoheadz
Director: Stefan Nacke

“Borborygmus” – Cuntroaches 
Label: Skin Graft Records
Producers: Cuntroaches
Director: The Governor

“Fvck” – Demon V 
Production Company: P92
Director: Rodrigue Huart

“One Drip Two Drip” – Dornika
Label: Klubkid Records
Producers: Qlan, Curl Ease, Dornika
Director: Dornika

“The D” – Bønthöven 
Production Company: Great Guns
Director: Cassandra Brooksbank

“Burning Down The House” – Mr Bruce
Director: Mr Bruce

“Mustard” – Chewy She 
Label: Pressplay Studio 
Director: Arthur Lefol

“Consensual” – Jeff Hilliard 
Director: Jeff Hiliard, Joey Danger

“Us” – Nother (Ft. Moon Leap)
Label: Abyond
Production Company: Illmatic Film Group
Director: Marco Santi

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