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Today, we present our ten nominees for the BEST EDITOR category!

In a music video, more than any other film form, the editor has a crucial role. The footage must
dance to the music! ⚡

Here is a compilation of the ten brilliantly edited music videos ️ Make sure to go and watch the
full-lenght ones too!
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CREDITS (in order of appearance)

“Hard to Love” – Robin Packalen
Label: Universal Music Oy
Production company: Kameron
Director: Sami Joensuu
Editor: Timo Montonen
Editing studio: Post Control Helsinki

“Ça Appelle” – KNLO ft. Alaclair Ensemble
Label: Disques 7ième Ciel
Production company: Publicité Les Enfants
Director: Le Ged
Editor: Lisa Bartoux

“Tandoori Boutique” – Arthizhan
Label: Apparel Music
Director: DI•AL (Diego Indraccolo, Alice Gatti)
Editor: Matteo Motzo

“Pull Up” – Keys n Krates
Label: Last Gang Records
Production company: Revolver Films
Director/editor: Sammy Rawal

“Sweetest Pie” – Dua Lipa & Megan Thee Stallion
Label: Pulse Films
Production company: Freenjoy
Director: Dave Meyers
Editor: Alyssa Oh
Editing studio: Rock Paper Scissors

“Apple” – Rin
Label: Gold League
Production company: Iconoclast Germany
Directors: Maik Schuster, I AM HERE
Editor: Maik Schuster

“Saoko” – Rosalía
Label: Columbia
Production company: Division
Director: Valentin Petit
Editors: Jon Echeveste, Valentin Petit, Antonin Brones, Hugo Beron, William Town, Sabrina Mazni, Emilie Aubry
Editing studio: Ice Cream

“Cayó” – ARCA
Label: XL
Director: Albert Moya
Editor: Carlos Font Clos
Editing studio: Stitch Editing

“Sky High” – Octavian
Label: Sex Am Club
Production company: OMAR Films
Director: Marius Gonzalez
Editors: Marius Gonzalez, Alexis Benot
Editing studio: Paume

“Tears in the Club” – FKA Twigs Ft. The Weeknd
Label: Atlantic records , Young
Production company: Object and Animal
Director: Amber Grace Johnson
Editors: Chiao Chen, Forager, Dave Davis
Editing studio: Trim Editing

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