It’s time for our daily announcement! 🥁

Today, we are announcing the nominees for the BEST NARRATIVE category!
A music video often awakes many feelings in us, both positive and negative. The winners are chosen for their moving, intricate and compelling storylines.

Here is our nominee compilation. Watch the full-length videos to discover stunning videos

Come to Berlin and meet all the nominees during our festival, from the 8th to the 11th of June.

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CREDITS (in order of appearance)

“When it Rains” – Chase & Status ft. Backroad Gee
Label: EMI
Production company: Pulse Films
Director: Hector Dockrill

“Kilo” – Rysy
Label: Dyspensa Records
Production company: Moon Films
Writer/Director: Filip Zaluska

“Dress me in White” / “Öltöztessél Fehérbe” – Anima Sound System
Label: WM Music Distribution
Production company: Metronomy TV
Directors: Luka Kostil & Izabella Mazzag [Kinopravda]
Writer: Luka Kostil

“Boy Is Dead” – Biting Elbows
Label: The Orchard
Production company: Versus Pictures
Writers/Directors: Ilya Naishuller, Макс Шишкин
Producer: Pavel Lilienfeld, Ekaterina Kononenko, Ruben Adamyan

“Sunny Boy” – Stereopolina
Label: NDA Soundi
Writer/Director: Arseny Kuznetsov

“Psycho” – Maisie Peters
Label: East West Records UK
Production company: Agile Films
Director: Louis Bhose

“Lauren” – Oden & Fatzo
Label: Sony
Production company: Kimono TV, Caviar TV, Imposter TV
Writer: Bálint D. Sós
Director: Kinopravda

“Step-Grandma” – Salvatore Ganacci
Label: We Are Era Music
Production company: Business Club Royale
Writer/Director: Vedran Rupic

“Say What You Will” – James Blake
Label: Universal Music
Production company: Couscous
Writer/Director: Bear Damen

“Sohno” – Nego Bala
Label: Coala Records
Production company: Stink Films
Director/writer: Douglas R. Bernardt

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