Let’s give a round of applause to the 2022 nominees for the MOST TRASHY category! 😈

This category will make you forget all about social conventions.🔥 Be ready for some crazy, risky, and daring stuff! These music videos are there to redefine your artistic horizon.

Our compilation is only a sneak peek of the nominees’ videos… Make sure to watch the full music videos… all your desires could become real.🩸

Small reminder: Our festival will take place from the 8th to the 11th of June, and many of the nominees will be there. We look forward to meeting you all there! ✨

CREDITS (in order of appearance)

“Ich Hasse Kinder” – Till Lindemann
Label: Vertigo Berlin, Universal Music Germany
Director: Serghey Grey
Producer: Anar Reiband

“Turn It Up” – Oliver Tree & Little Big (ft. Tommy Cash)
Label: Atlantic Records
Director/writer: Alina Pasok, Oliver Tree & Iliya Prusikin

“Mammamia” – Måneskin
Label: Sony Music
Production company: Prettybird (Juliette Larthe, Chris Murdoch)
Director/writer: Rei Nadal

“XOXOY2K” – Alaska Thunderfuck
Label: PEG Records
Production company: Brad Hammer Productions, Producer Entertainment Group
Director/writer: Brad Hammer & Nick Laughlin

“Exchanging Hats” – N*de Poetry
Director/writer: Simon Thaur

“Candyshop” – Maruv
Label: Sony Music
Production company: Magnit Production
Director/writer: Serge Vane

“Excuses” – Mentis ft. Kate Wild
Label: Columbia
Production company: Stink
Director/writer: Eoin Glaister

“Ovala” – Taycan
Label: Put Out
Director: Fırat Gürgen

“In Need Of Repair” – Band Of Horses
Label: BMG
Production company: Easy Pete’s
Director/writer: Zach Tavel

“Yellow Fingers” – Attawalpa
Label: Attawalpa records
Production company: Planet Froth Productions
Director/writer: Sebastian Strasser

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