Interview with TESSÆ and David Tomaszewski


We hope you’re having a chill Sunday because here’s a little treat for you. Our Katy Scallon got on a Zoom interview with Tessae, a young French superstar and the director of her ‘Bling’ music video, David Tomaszewski. Tessae revealed what is the story behind the ‘Bling’ track, while David explained the theme of the energetic, rollercoaster-like video and its connection to the song. Check out the full interview with our Best Low Budget nominee right here:

Interview with Tessae and David Tomaszewski via Dailymotion


Tessae is making her steps into the music industry at just 19 with bangers like ‘Évident’, ‘Panthéon’, or ‘Bling’. Her musical journey started when she was a little kid. Online platforms such as Youtube and Tik Tok played a big role in her career. In 2019, she won a B2O’s competition on social media networks and got to sing with Booba in front of a big crowd. And now, here we are! In February 2021, she released her album ‘Saisons’ under the label BANG. Check out also her latest single ‘Le cœur n’y est plus‘ featuring Gims!

David Tomaszewski

David is a director of French origin who has a pretty impressive portfolio full of not only music videos but also short films and commercials. As far as music videos are concerned, he has worked on projects for several big names in the French music scene. To name a few – Orelsan, Polo and Pan, Maître Gims, Casseur Flowters, or the rising star Tessae. In the film field, you might have seen David’s works, such as ‘Magritte Room’ (2005), ‘Vendome, Paris’ (2007) or ‘Cobalt’ (2016).