winners of bmva 2013

The time has come! Here are the winners of BMVA 2013! Congratulations to all winning music videos. The amount of talent and creativity is overwhelming. We want to thank every participant for making this first edition unforgettable. We hope to see you next year! 

Now let’s have a look at the winners of BMVA 2013!

1st place

August Schram – MeTube (Carmen – Habanera)

August Schram – MeTube (Carmen – Habanera) via Dailymotion

Daniel Moshel, the winner of the Best Concept category, is the director of this one.

About MeTube

„MeTube”, a homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers, gifted and less gifted self-promoters, has attracted international attention. No less than George Bizet’s Habanera from ”Carmen” has been reinterpreted for MeTube and enhanced with electronic sounds. Behind the cross-over of musical styles are director Daniel Moshel as well as opera and oratorio tenor August Schram.

2nd place

Moon Duo – Sleepwalker via Dailymotion

Winners of each category

Best Lo-fi winner 

Petra Flurr & Modernistia – Terror-Ist


Best Director/actor winner 

Moon Duo – Sleepwalker


Best Special Effects winner 

Mouse On Mars – Polaroyced


Best Editor winner 

I’m Not A Band – Blister


Best Concept winner 

August Schram – MeTube


Best Photography winner 

Individualism – For God’s Sake


Best Animation winner 

Face Tomorrow – Move On


Best Song winner 

Charity Children – Elizabeth


Best Art Director winner

Marten McFly – Du kiffst zu viel


Most Trashy winner 

Michael Landau and the Cupcakes – Butter