New category – MOST BIZARRE

most bizarre berlin music video awards

As you know, the BMVA team keen on staying different. This year we will make an effort and try to open a new category for the participants: Most Bizarre! We hope to have enough suitable quality videos to open this one.

The next entry is a good example – we received it this week by a Danish Production team called Bullitt Film.

Eerie vignettes of nightlife are intercut to create a film about loneliness and a weird zeitgeist. “In an open late Laundromat, a girl stares so intensely at a tumble dryer that her nose bleeds. While in a dive bar, an ageing transvestite smokes cigarettes contemplatively before dancing with the jukebox. In a speeding sports car, a girl rides shotgun & an emotional roller coaster, while the guy behind the wheel remains oblivious to her. And in the club, the empty eyes of a seducer scan the crowd, until they catch those of a nameless younger woman. A faceless character navigates this world blind to him.

The mOOnbird – Olaf by MR Blackman via Vimeo

Check out the official website of the production company Bullitt Film!

Will it be nominated? Stay tuned to find out!

If you have a music video, don’t hesitate to submit it! Maybe it fits the Most Bizarre category as well?