BEST LIVE ACT category

the black cheetahs berlin music video awards

The category “Best Live Act” was created in order to promote bands that would like to stage shows more often. The winning video of this category will be the act that will combine good performance and its proper filming/editing in the best way. As part of our service, the BMVA team would promote tour dates to bands who will submit material to this category.

This week we received a new submission from The Black Cheetahs! Although the video was filmed in a studio (without an audience), we found it nevertheless suitable for the Best Live Act category since it focused on the performance itself. Check it out!

The Black Cheetahs – Weapons via Vimeo

This is what they had to say about performing: “Our passion is to be on stage and play our instruments. And yes, to really play and perform music as much as possible and manipulate all our instruments in real time.”

”We are musicians and not slaves of the machines. Djing our music is not what we want. We don’t like the idea of pressing the play button and shake our heads pretending we are playing. We like the risk, that makes every gig unique. “

Go also check out their official website to find out more information!