You voted for your favourite music video – this week’s selection is Till Lindemann – ‘Ich Hasse Kinder’!

With his provoking announcement ‘I HATE CHILDREN (except for my own)’ the Rammstein singer got a lot of public attention. Especially when he released this single on International Children’s Day. In the music video Lindemann plays a Soviet teacher getting interrogated by the police in 1989’s Moscow. We cut between the singer furiously screaming at children, his character’s childhood memories and the interrogation. Directed by Russian director Serghey Grey, it features many popular Russian actors and iconic places like Moscow’s Red Square. The video’s bizarre and graphic imagery shocks but impresses at the same time.

‘I hate children – no, I love them, but they have to be my own’ Till Lindemann sings about his own family in ‘Ich hasse Kinder’.


Artist: Till Lindemann

Director: Serghey Grey

Producer: Anar Reiband

DP: Denis Panov

With hints at his own childhood trauma, we are drawn into a touching story of emotional pain and violence. But watch for yourselves – what do you make of it?

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