Jerome Farah – Concrete Jungle Fever | MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK

You voted and this week’s selection is Jerome Farah – ‘Concrete Jungle Fever’!

The Australian singer’s name first popped up when he released his debut single ‘I Can’t Breathe’. He is discussing his personal experiences with racism and police brutality as an aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and continuing uprising of the Black Lives Matter movement. Since then he released banger after banger.

In his absurd and slightly terrifying video to ‘Concrete Jungle Fever’, Farah is dressed up in including extensive make-up and prosthetics to play multiple characters all ganging up on him. The set design, costumes and make-up all compliment each other incredibly well, creating a surreal world of its own. Amazing cinematography and on-point editing are only the cherry on top of this dynamic music video.

What did you think of the Jerome Farah – Concrete Jungle Fever as the MVOTW? Let us know!


Director: Sanjay De Silva

Producer: Genevieve O’Shea

Director of Photography: Max Walter

Art Director: Shanahbelle Macdonald

HMUA/Prosthetics: Liz Sharp

Editor: Leila Gaabi

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