What if your lucid dream was better than real life?

REDZED’s “SPIDERS AND LUCID DREAMING” video, directed by Adam Rohal, is a captivating journey. Rohal’s direction is impressive, with every shot brimming with symbolism, making the video feel more like a work of art.

Layer by layer, we’re submerged into a world of lucid dreams, with elements like control, evil and hopelessness. Carefully placed close-ups hint at something bigger, waiting to be unveiled. It’s a cleverly constructed narrative. Masterful teasing.

Exceptional cinematography by DOP @stastlivka98 is like a cherry on top – and the entire team deserves credit for putting this piece together. You might need to watch the video more than once to catch all the hidden meanings, much like a good movie.

REDZED @redtillthegrave is known for his alternative hip-hop, which mainly combines modern underground rap elements with 90s nu metal and doom metal. His music video “NOISE AT A FUNERAL” was nominated for 2023 edition!


Artist: @redtillthegrave
Produced by @madeforhood
Director: @adamrohal
DOP: @stastlivka98
Line producer: @filip.menky
Assistant Director: @filip.menky
Styling: @krnaclukaswork
MuA: @mischeldoublew
Production manager: @strycko.ficko
Production assistant: Roberta Petrasova, Jakub Paradiser, Lukas Racek
Camera rental: @vantagefilmpraha @panavisionofficial
1st AC: Ladislav Kovac
2nd AC/DIT: Ondrej Synak
Gaffer: Pavel Skala
Lights rental: Shining, Filmarina, indievisual
Grip: Zdeno Zeman
Art department: Boris Vrábel
Editor: @marekbihun
Colorist: @pavelmarko_upp
VFX: @stubyshitTypography: @v.einard

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