If life was a movie, it would look like this. Moments flash by your eyes and before you even had time to blink, it’s gone again.

Somehow the video “Torn” by Ara manages to bring back memories you had already forgotten. It’s a mashup of moments that, strangely, make perfect sense together. Like an ancient language we all understand. Boiling milk and running wild in the mountains? Don’t ask me twice.

@sinanotaner creative vision is through the roof in this one. Whatever he had in mind while making this piece, is a thought worthwhile looking into. And that is why it was chosen for Music Video of The Week. 


Director & Writer: Sinan Taner @sinanotaner
Camera: Tobias Wanner @tobias_wanner_dp
Production: Edgar Gomes Ferreira @teddyohnet
Assistant Director: Manuel Seiler @akulobra
Script: Marlon Gelpi @marlongelpi
Lighting: Pascal Kohler
Costume: Géraldine Arpagaus @apfelkind_
Camera assistant : Flavio Witschi @flavio__________araujo
Camera assistant: Joel Plattner @joel.plattner
VFX: Nevin George @nevogeorge

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