🪐Two young souls encounter on a night out. ✨

French Temple caché produced  “ÉTOILE FILANTE” by Chien Méchant. The production company is known for their highly imaginative storytelling and world creation, crossing the border of dreams and realities. 

Director Kelzang Ravach: “This video is an intoxicatingly kitsch ballad between two teenagers during a disco night out in the 80’s when, during a lunar eclipse, Barbarella reveals her true identity. “

The video has a captivating cosmic touch. It’s a total visual overload set in the acid-enhanced 80s and a trip you have to take on your own. They’ve utilized AI skillfully and are able to bend reality and visualize a surreal yet such familiar experience. 

“The production and animation teams shaped a tailored pipeline and workflow for this project, combining a mashup of live-action video, rotoscoping, animated 2D painting, and 3D models with AI used to sharpen our aesthetic, creating emotional sensations through transitions and art direction’s hypnotic effects.”


Music: Chien Méchant / Gabriel le Masne & Facundo Rodriguez
Production: Temple caché
Director: Kelzang Ravach
With the support of the CNC 
Label: Nowdays Records 
Mixing: Clément Barda 
Mastering: Alex Gopher 
Check out the full video. It’s a vibe.

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