Bausa & Apache 207 – Madonna (The Movement Video) | MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK

To be loud when others can’t, to create space for those who are not seen – Everyone can be that Madonna’. The opening of this week’s selection clearly states it is a celebration of diversity and female empowerment.

The German Dance Space The Movement created a beautiful choreography-based video to German rappers Bausa and Apache 207’s song ‘Madonna’. The video is heavily referencing Ballroom culture that was established by black and latin members of the LGBTQ+ community in 80s New York and first brought into the mainstream through Madonna’s iconic song and music video ‘Vogue’.

With incredible choreography and editing transitions between different parts of the video, it reminds a lot of videos directed and choreographed by choreographer Parris Goebbels. Strong dances that appear to be meticulously and specifically choreographed for the screen – what more could you want?


DIRECTED BY: Henry Scholfield & Mecnun Giasar (The Movement)

CHOREOGRAPHER: Mecnun Giasar (The Movement)

CREATION & CONCEPT: A Million Entertainment Mecnun Giasar


DOP: Alexandre Jamin

EDIT: Art Jones

Which part of the video was your favourite? Let us know!

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