Aitch – Learning Curve | MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK

With their video to ‘Learning Curve’, British rapper Aitch and director KC Locke wanted to create a statement piece – and they succeeded. From a fiery car-wreck to a flock of sheep to Aitch seducing women at weddings and over lobster dinners, this video really has everything.

You can instantly tell how much meticulous and in-depth planning went into the video where every scene and transition matches with the lyrics and beats of the song just perfectly. The outstanding editing and visual effects only add on to this – bravo to the entire team.


Director: Aitch & KC Locke

Producer: Lewis Nicholson

Production Company: Swords & Eagles

DP: Pieter Snyman

Editor: Jamil Shaukat


Label: Capitol Records

With how much is squeezed into only 2 minutes, ‘Learning Curve’  has instant replay appeal. Tell us, how many times have you watched it already?

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