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We are all staring at our screens probably more than recommended, but we need you to stare a little bit longer because Music Video of the Week is here! Gloria – PTS is kicking off February edition of the MVOTW!

”Young people are always on their phone” sounds familiar? This is a real debate and Gloria assesses the matter in a quirky entertaining way with their music video ‘PTS’ (Masterskaya records).

Put your phone on silent mode and enjoy the new music video of the week! 2020 was a rough year and our lovely world leaders make a brilliant apparition in this clip directed by Kinopravda, following the idea of Luka Kostil. Well done to the crew! As DoP, we have Gabor Garai and Richard Illés in the role of the art director. The video was produced by Kinomoto, Kostil edited the video and then we have András Pflum on VFX.

It’s undeniable that technology has come a long way and this piece will show you the power of social media. And deepfakes. Who would like to see Putin and Merkel BFFs 4 life?

Gloria – PTS via Vimeo


Collective of directors, producers and artists who have worked on projects revolving mostly around music videos and ads – that’s Kinopravda! They are based in Barcelona, but the members come from different parts of the world, such as Spain, Russia, and Hungary. Humour and cool visuals are significant elements of their work. You can see their mark in music videos by Chet Faker, Adrian Sieber, Cuco, but they also worked on advertisements for companies like Turkish Airlines or Smirnoff!

MVOTW segment allows us to highlight music videos and the work of filmmakers that have been submitted before we know the official nominations. There are only 6 days left until the regular deadline! What are you waiting for? Head over to the submission page!