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Every week, we focus on past nominees of one of our categories, which becomes our ‘’theme’’ on social media. In other words, we’re bringing you a little recap of who shined on our feed. The first week of February was dedicated to original and remarkable ideas. Our Best Concept nominees!

Vitalic – Stamina

Throwing it all the way back to the first edition! This crazy video was our 2013 Best Concept nominee. Vitalic Stamina (Different Recordings | Citizen Records) took weight loss and criminal investigation to another level. Director Saman Keshavarz, DoP Isaac Bauman, production company Pulse Films are behind this wild calorie-killing piece of work.

This is a perfect motivation song, for a sweat session, for example! Who has it on their playlist?

Vitalic – Stamina via Dailymotion

Pink Noise – Too Hot

Far far away, a princess kissed a frog and… nope, this is not that fairytale. In Pink Noise Too Hot (Arrogant Music), the frogs are being licked. You’ll know why when you watch the whole thing. This music video is packed with an intriguing storyline, cinematography, not to mention the mesmerizing colors and cool music! We’re not the only ones blown away by the beautiful visuals, right?

Director: Kim Chapiron | Producer: Phantasm | VFX: Mathematic | Editing: Benjamin Weill | DoP: Benoit Soler | Coloring: Arthur Paux

Too Hot made it into our official selection in 2020.

Pink Noise – Too Hot via Dailymotion

Little Dragon – Love Chanting

The secret to having a terrific day? Video games and eating marshmallows, of course! We celebrate virtuality with Lover Chanting, which received a nomination in 2019 for Best Concept.

The colorful costumes coupled with makeup on fleek will make you want to immerse yourself in their parallel disco. Sets Appeal is behind this euphoric artistic directing!

Production: Rattling Stick | Directors: Jack Whiteley & Joe Wills | DoP: Bart Sienkiewicz | VFX: Chloe Hayward & Jeb Hardwick | Editing: Paul O’Reilly | Coloring: Jessica Vile

Shout-out to the costume designer Taff Williamson and MUA Natasha Lawes for their bold work. Who else wants a glitter beard or turquoise eyeshadow matching their fairy outfit?

Little Dragon – Lover Chanting via Dailymotion

Leningrad – Kolshik

Last, but definitely not least, we have the winner of not only the Best Concept category, but also the Best Music Video of 2017! That’s right, LeningradKolshik!

This epic music video certainly stole everyone’s hearts with its genius concept. What’s more, add the incredible execution in reverse and fantastic visuals – just wow. Produced by Dimitry Mouraviev and directed by Ilya Naishuller. Production companies behind this one are Fancy Shot & Versus Pictures.

DoP: Henry Meder | Art director: Anna Kozlova | Editing: James Demetriou & Vlad Kaptur

We had a chance to sit down with Dimitry Mouraviev, check out the interview here. You will see the moment he received the trophy and further find out the key to success!

Leningrad – Kolshik via Dailymotion

Every week, we will bring you another set of nominees, so stay tuned! We have received some incredible music videos over the years. And because of that, they deserve the proper amount of attention!

Meanwhile, if you have a music video with a great concept, you know what to do. Submit your work here!