Surreal, virtual, hypnotizing visuals – this week was all about VFX! Sometimes, computer graphics are here to save the day. With special effects, creators can make your wildest dreams or nightmares come true. The possibilities are endless. We have four different amazing music videos to show you the VFX magic!

Sage – August in Paris

To start with, we give you legs for days… Or at least for 3 min 46. Your eyes will be captivated by all the walking, stomping, and running in this video. It’s Sage, for his track ‘August in Paris’! The video received a nomination for Best VFX in 2017.

Director Thibaut Grevet created a mesmerizing choreography of legs in a beautiful villa in the south of France. Any urban people would like to escape there for a summer vacation! Congrats to the team for their army of legs.

The producer of ‘August in Paris’ is Julie Mathieu from the production company Frenzy Paris. On the incredible VFX, we have Guillame Ho, Yannick Emenya, Charlotte Brisebarre. The head of the Creative and Motion Graphics Department is Julien Vallet. Mickael Nauzin is responsible for the sick animation and Maxime Pozzi Garcia is in the role of the editor. Last but certainly not least, we have Axel Cosnefroy as DoP.

Sage – August in Paris via Dailymotion

Orelsan feat. Damso – Rêves Bizarres

Another French production in the house! Frenzy Paris was nominated for Best VFX in 2019!

‘Rêves Bizarres’ is a collaboration between rappers OrelSan and Damso, out on the label Wagram Music. Follow them on their weird dreams journey and if you dare, rap along.

David Poucet is behind the great editing. It will make your head spin thanks to its mind grabbing graphics. With Adrien Lagier & Ousmane Ly as directors, this video takes you into a surreal world where reality meets paranoia. Your eyes are not ready for this succession of electric content!

The executive producer is the Family production company. Frenzy and Nightshift Post are responsible for the post-production.

Orelsan feat. Damso – Rêves Bizarres via Dailymotion

C’Mon Tigre – Behold the Man

You are cordially invited to a virtual dancefloor. Dresscode: birthday suit only.

Next up, we have a piece from Italy! C’mon Tigre – ‘Behold the Man’ earned a spot as our Best VFX nominee in 2019. This music video explores freedom and limits through movement and astonishing visuals, which perfectly fit the captivating beat.

VFX were made by the amazing Domenico Tedone, known as Sic Est! The director of this piece is Marco Molinelli. The production company behind this piece is BDC – Bonnani Del Rio Catalog. The track was released under the label Idol, 1st Music Publishing Company.

C’Mon Tigre – Behold the Man via Dailymotion

Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire – Monophobia

Put on your leopard speedos, Deadmau5 & Rob Swire are taking us to a pool party! A bit different pool party.

Wrapping up our Best VFX list with a bouncy music video ‘Monophobia’. They went really crazy on this one and we love it. Dancing mice, flying burgers, rainbows? You name it, they got it. If you think you’ve already been to the coolest party ever, we’ve got bad news for you. The odds are, it probably won’t top this insanity-filled rave. The audiovisual funhouse received a nomination back in 2019.

This video has Smearballs (Nick DenBoer) written all over it. Not only he did the animation/VFX but also takes the credit for production and co-direction (+ Kenny Hotz). Generic Versatility Animation is the company behind the production.

We recommend watching the video several times. There’s always something new catching your attention!

Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire – Monophobia via Dailymotion

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