Jacques – Absolve | MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK

AI VFX – But cinematic?

Let’s talk about Jacques’  “Absolve”, directed by the LA based Paul Trillo and produced by Voir Pictures. It is our Music Video of the Week.

“A leak in the ceiling of the Louvre pulls Jacques into an emotional vortex where a cosmic teardrop dissolves the museum’s masterpieces into their rawest forms. 

Follow your tears and see where it might take you.”

The statement above is from the director Paul Trillo. “Absolve” – Filmed in the Musée du Louvre – is truly an insightful video with its twists and turns, layers, concepts, light refractions and collision of textures. From the beginning until the end.

It’s also packed with interesting knowledge for the VFX and AI community, by pushing boundaries of integrating AI visual effects in a cinematic manner. Trillos page is a thrilling portal: he has shared about the creating process and even an VFX breakdown video: @paultrillo

“In the end, it doesn’t really matter how it was made but whether the film works in the moment.” 

What a delight!


Director : Paul Trillo
Producer : Aurélien Drosne
Prod co : Voir Pictures
Label: Recherche & Développement
Management Artist: Fanny Tardy & Etienne Piketty
1st AD : Renaud Alcalde
PA : Hugo Pierens
PA : Caroline Voccia
Location : René Osi
Unit : Benjamin Rea
DP : Florian Solin
Focus #1 : Loup Lebreton
Focus #2 : Thomas Balet
Stead : Adam Gulbol
Video : Gaspard Soboul
Gaffer : Thomas Bayle
Grip : Dino Fey
Props : Laurie-Salomé Cubaynes Benzakin
Hair & MUP : Ines Mezaiti
Edit & VFX : Paul Trillo
Assistant Editor : Lolie Thepenier
Colorist : Inès Henry-Manceau
3D simulation VFX : PPVFX
VFX producer : Ksenia Vasilkova
Art director : Alexey (Yanzi) Yansitov
VFX supervisor : Slava Khramyshev
Coord : Vlad Komarovsky
Coord : Anna Kudinova
FX Artist : Sergey Nikulin
FX Artist : Sergey Antashov
Comp artist : Iava Emelyanov
VFX editor : Petr Pavshintsev
Chief producer : Pavel Pontus
Add VFX : Jim Derks
Kinoscope : Cinelab UK

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