best narrative berlin music video awards

We’re back with our weekly selection of the past nominees and this time, it’s the Best Narrative category! Stories were the main focus last week on our social media, so let’s see who was the talk of the town.

Sergey Sirotkin – Higher Than Houses

Don’t you just love those music videos that are like mini-films?
Sergey Sirotkin opened last week with ‘Higher Than Houses’, which made it into the official selection in 2019. Follow the ups & downs of a teenager who’s going through it all. Struggling to find love, feeling imprisoned by other people’s opinions and wanting to be an adult so badly – all that is part of a teenage experience.

This music video, directed by Oleg Trofim, captures emotions so well, you don’t need to worry about not understanding the dialogues (it’s in Georgian!).

DoP: Mikhail Hasaya | Editor: Yuriy Karih | Production company: Hype Production

Even though you might feel a wave of sadness watching this music video, stick till the end for a dash of optimism.

Sergey Sirotkin – Higher Than Houses via Dailymotion

Muse – Pressure

Who misses messing around in your high school science lab because school is boring? With our next Best Narrative video nominee, going to a homecoming dance has never looked so adventurous!

We’re presenting you Pressure by Muse. The colorful dresses and fancy suits of teenagers collide with blue-furred little beasts that are as dangerous as Gremlins past midnight!

Well done to Lance Drake and his crew for bringing such an original storyline to our screens. With the support of Whitelist, now Florence Creative for Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Muse – Pressure via Dailymotion

Shuma – Clouds

Next up, we have a campaign video to the memory of Misha Pishchevsky. His story is one of many who are rejected because of who they are. Nominated for Best Narrative in 2019, this video of Shuma for their song Clouds stands for LGBTQI+ rights.

The great directing of Anna Buryachkovava depicts the issue of being born in the wrong body through a tender storyline that relies on the mother-child bond. With the support of the production company The Martini Shot.

Anyone can put on make-up if they want to and wear the clothes that they like. This video sends support to all the parents who stand by their children and help them go through hard times, in Belarus and everywhere else.
Let’s spread the love and take care of each other despite our differences!

Shuma – Clouds via Dailymotion

Little PSA: even though our Regular deadline expired last week, you can still submit your works to the Berlin Music Video Awards! March 15 marks our Late deadline, so if you haven’t made it to our submission page until now, this will be your last chance! SUBMIT HERE