Ready for BMVA’s past Russian nominees to rock your Sunday?

As you may know, the Berlin Music Video Awards celebrates the 10th anniversary next year. So, in order to say a huge ‘’thank you’’ to all the insanely talented creators who have become part of our network over the years, we are introducing a new segment called ‘TENQ’ (get it?).

Our online routine will be enriched with TEN quality music videos, falling under different category each time. For example, we will present you videos from a certain country, language or music genre.

We are dedicating the very first round of this new segment to Russia! The presence of this beautiful and vast country in our network is pretty strong. Since the earlier editions, we have received numerous music videos by Russian phenomenal directors, editors, filmmakers, etc. What we love about them the most is the variety. Whether it is the spectrum of music genres, narratives, filming styles, or the depiction of political, social or cultural issues, they never cease to amaze us with their art.

Okay, a round of applause for our past Russian nominees and let’s get this party started!

Angel – Davay Zamutim

The world knows that Russians excel at many things. But did you know that vogue dancing is one of them? Check out this intense dance battle and in case you accidentally bust a move while watching… we don’t blame you. Nominated for Best Narrative, this music video was written and directed by Dmitriy Vollmer (Smirnov). Production company: SHOOM.PRO.

Angel – Davay Zamutim via Dailymotion

Tim Aminov feat. Pete Josef – One Lone Survivor

Next up is our 2016 Best Cinematography nominee, Tim Aminov feat. Pete Josef – One Lone Survivor (Sonar Kollektiv)! This music video delivers incredible visuals and will give you a film-like experience. Lado Kvataniya is the mind as well as the director behind this music video. Production credit goes to none other than Hype Productions.

Tim Aminov feat. Pete Josef – One Lone Survivor via Dailymotion

Mumiy Troll – Moshka

Generally speaking, public transport can get really weird sometimes. Especially in big cities. Check out Mumiy Troll’s animated take on it in their music video Moshka, nominated for the Most Bizarre in 2015! Besides animation, Andrey Kasay wrote the script and also takes the art direction credit. Mikhail Kalinin is one of the animators as well.

Mumiy Troll – Moshka via Dailymotion

Manizha – Nedoslavyanka

Nominated for the Best Concept category in 2020, Nedoslavyanka by Manizha debates the situation of Central Asian immigrants in Russia and being torn between two cultures. As a matter of fact, Manizha was born in Tajikistan! This music video is like a mini-action film packed with a fantastic storyline, coupled with very cool scenes & music! Director of this masterpiece is Artemy Ortus.

Manizha – Nedoslavyanka via Dailymotion

Little Big – Skibidi

At this point, you’ve probably seen this legendary music video (if not, where have you been?!). 2019 winner of our Best Concept category, Skibidi by Little Big is not only insanely catchy, but also offers some unbeatable dance moves, hilarious scenes and original concept! Directed by Alina Pasok and Iliya Prusikin.

Little Big – Skibidi via Dailymotion

Therr Maitz – My Love is Like

Fans of colors and supermarkets will definitely enjoy ‘My Love is Like’ by Therr Maitz! This music video is not only aesthetically pleasing but also entertaining. Nominated for the Best Art Director in 2017! Direction: Timofey Kolesnikov & Sergey Minadze | Art direction: Dmitriy Onishenko | Hype Production.

Therr Maitz – My Love Is Like via Dailymotion

L’One – 7 Days

From our 2019 Best Director archive, we have another one of the Russian nominees, L’One – 7 Days (Black Star Inc)! How much money do you need to be happy? Is it worth it? This video may have some answers indeed. Incredible work by directors and scriptwriters Levan Goroziia & Murad Nogmov! Production company: Bake House.

L’One – 7 Days via Dailymotion

SBP4 – Dinosaur

Now, something from our Best Experimental category – 2018 nominee SBP4 with their music video Dinosaur. All things considered, moral of the story is: spying on others might get you in trouble. Written and directed by Maria Em.

SBP4 – Dinosaur via Dailymotion

Aquaaerobika – Icecream

Let’s chant together: ‘’I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream!’’ Icecream by Aquaaerobika is the kind of tune you won’t be able to get out of your head. If we were to describe this Best Art Director 2017 nominee in a few words, it would surely be: latex, icecream and color explosion. Sviatoslav Kozlov and Marina Lukanina are behind the direction of this one. Production company: Soup Production.

Aquaaerobika – Icecream via Dailymotion

Aigel – 1190

In order to close this list with a bang, follow our lovely heroine in Bangkok as she’s trying to make it home. It’s one hell of a trip! This music video brings us mysterious ambience and thrilling cinematography, which is why it certainly has its place among our Best Cinematography nominees 2018!

Director: Andzej Gavriss | Production company: Red Pepper Film | Art Director: Julija Friscone-Gavriss | Cinematographer: Konstantin Mazov

Aigel – 1190 via Dailymotion

And that is a wrap of TENQ, Russian nominees! We hope you enjoyed this selection and found your favourite here. Even though we were not able to include everyone in the list above, have no worries! Stay tuned because another list of past nominees is coming! Another country, language, maybe genre. Can you guess what will it be?

Just so you know, the call for submissions 2021 is still open, so don’t hesitate to send us your work. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to see what music videos you’ve got in store!