Valentine’s Day BMVA Selection


We all have an opinion on Valentine’s day. It’s cheesy, commercialized, it’s a nice occasion to show love…

Whether you spend it alone, with that special someone, or several people; we made a little selection of past nominated videos for you! This will put you in the mood for love on this cold day. Let it bring a bit of warmth to your Sunday.

Love stories are a common inspiration for creators. That strong, honest and pure feeling for someone. It has such a power to make us go crazy, joyful or heartbroken within a few moments. No wonder so many songs are dedicated to love! This selection presents romantic relationships in all their forms. Love, despite its ups and downs, is for everyone and these original, unconventional, or tender narratives demonstrate that. Open your heart and enjoy these beautiful stories that will leave you moved.

Blue Foundation – Describe

Kicking off the V-Day playlist with our 2014 Best Photography nominee! ‘Describe’ shows the relationship of a couple with trisomy 21. This is raising awareness about this disease in the most tender way. No matter what life throws your way, love is the silver lining at the end of the day.

Directors: Cecilie Evert Kjær and Simon Lundsgaard | Cinematographer: Carl August Jansson | Label: Dead People’s Choice

Blue Foundation – Describe via Dailymotion

Coldplay – Magic

Coldplay takes us back in time with a circus romance sprinkled with some magic dust. This piece received a nomination for Best Lo-Fi in 2015.

‘Magic’ was released under Parlophone label and company Black Dog Films is behind the video production. Jonas Åkerlund takes the credit for the flawless direction. Editor of this piece is Luis Moreno.

Coldplay – Magic via Dailymotion

Michael Hilli & Paul Cless – 69 Ways (To Snore)

To mix it up a bit, we have this funny twist to your cheesy love music! You’ll be amazed to see what 69 snoring positions exist to spice up your bed life. So, grab a pen and paper and take notes! 69 Ways made it into our official selection in 2016 as Best Song nominee.

Director: Rebecca Rehm | Producers: Rebecca Rehm & Michael Hilli | DoP: Matthias Mettenbörger | Production company: Guinea Pics

Michael Hilli & Paul Cless – 69 Ways (To Snore) via Dailymotion

Jumo – Nomade

Have you also met your soulmate at a local bar? Wishing you could go back in time to relive that moment? Well, the protagonist of this story would probably say yes… and no. Best Director 2017 nominee!

Director: Meskaprod | Label: Nowadays Records | Production company: Meskaprod & Nowadays Records

Jumo – Nomade via Dailymotion

Liberato – Tu T’e Scurdat’ ‘E Me

Love is in the air! Liberato is here to remind you of your summer sweetheart. Get lost in the taste of young love and enjoy fully this Italian piece! This music video was nominated in 2018 for Best Cinematography.

Released under Liberato Records and directed by Franceso Lettieri.

Liberato – Tu T’e Scurdat’ ‘E Me via Dailymotion

Leningrad – Voyage

Next up we have music video ‘Voyage’, nominated in 2018 for Best Director. A bad guy founds love and then… you’ll have to watch to know what happens to him. Maybe it’s not what you would expect! (Don’t you just love mystery and teasing?)

Director of ‘Voyage’ music video is Ilya Naishuller and production company Versus Pictures.

Leningrad – Voyage via Dailymotion

Benjamin’s Brother – Story About A Broken Heart

You don’t have to look anymore, this is the perfect dramatic love story! Story About a Broken Heart received a nomination in 2016 for Best Narrative. We all wish for a happy ending but life has sometimes other plans. This one might make your eyes water.

Directors behind this piece are Noam Sharon and Tal Rosenthal. The production company is none other than Blackboard Studios.

Benjamin’s Brother – Story About A Broken Heart via Dailymotion

Freddie Mercury – Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow

Sweet Freddie. Even though he’s not with us anymore, his memory and art live on thanks to his music. Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow was re-published to raise awareness about AIDS. This is a sweet animation about fighting the disease and standing by the side of the one we love. 2020 Best Animation nominee.

Animators and directors: Esteban Bravo, Beth David | Animation studio: Studio Seufz | Production company: Woodblock, Friends Electric | Label: Universal Music Group

Freddie Mercury – Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow via Dailymotion

Thomas Azier – Verwandlung

This 2014 Best Lo-Fi nominee is not the romance you would expect. It is more about passion and animality that can reside in love. Dive into this hungry for love narrative and expect the unexpected!

Director of this music video is Sander Houtkruijer. Label: Island France, Universal Music France

Thomas Azier – Verwandlung via Dailymotion

Craig Armstrong feat. Brett Anderson – Crash

‘Crash’ shows us how love can be complicated. But if we stand by and support each other, obstacles can be overcome, and bonds restored. Nominated in 2015 for Best Director.

Beautifully directed and written by Rob Chiu. The company that produced this music video is HSI London. Label: Sony Music

Craig Armstrong feat. Brett Anderson – Crash via Dailymotion

Let’s see this 14th of February as a reminder to share love and positivity. Today, tomorrow, and all year round with those who matter to us. You know, love doesn’t have to be only lovey-dovey couples on the screen. We’re expressing our love for our nominees and their fantastic work!

That’s it from us for now, stay tuned for more content! We wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day!

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Author: Mélissa Fondeur | Editor: Petra Molnárová