Ever wondered what it’s like to live inside your phone? You chose our Music Video of The Week! BRRR by French artist Vladimir Cauchemar feat. Laylow, Rim’K and Asdek delivers a phenomenal video that perfectly matches the song’s dark and catchy beats.

From its outstanding cinematography (have you seen the insane camera work??) to flawlessly transitioning into futuristic CGI – this one’s a full package. We are in-between worlds – the artists are imprisoned in a world of its own inside a phone that’s being thrown around mercilessly. Go and see for yourself!

Artists: Vladimir Cauchemar feat. Laylow, Rim’k officiel, ASDEK

Director/Editor: Quentin Deronzier

DP: Erik Henriksson

Producer: Anna Roudaut

Production: LA PACSupervisor & Lead

CGI:Julien Missaire

Label: Barclay

MVOTW is a weekly segment where we highlight videos that have been submitted to us – they don’t determine the festival’s selection yet. Tune into Wednesday’s story to not miss out on the chance to vote for our next MVOTW!

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